Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get an account?

A: You will need a username and password. You can obtain these by:

Q: What do I do after I get an invitation letter or email?

A: A temporary username and password will allow you to log in to and view the account of the person who invited you. You will only be able to view the account and not edit or submit information to the account. To add yourself to the account you will need to do the following:

Q: What do I do after I have an account?

A: After you activate your account, you may begin entering information on the different areas of the site. Some of the information you may enter includes:

Q: Can someone change the information I entered in my account?

A: General information about children can be modified by any paying member of the account. Event, Expense, and message posts can only be modified by the person who submitted them.

Q: What is the cost?

A: For a contributing member (able to post and update information) the cost is $9.99/month or $95.00/year. There is no charge for a “View Only” member.
More price and membership type information

Q: How can I refer someone to join my family’s account?

A: On the Account Information page, click on the Invite Someone to Join this Account link and follow the directions.

Q: How can I refer someone to join my family’s account if I don’t know their email address or they don’t have an email address?

A: Click on the Invite Someone to Join this Account link on the Account Information page and fill in the information required. The link will give you the option of printing off a copy of the invitation letter which you can give to the person you wish to invite.

Q: What is a view only account?

A: View only accounts allow others to see and navigate your account but do not allow them to edit or submit information. These accounts are ideal for grandparents and professionals, such as therapists, who work with your family.