Memberships and Fees

Parent Membership
The parent account gives you access to:

Pricing for Parent Membership is:

$9.99 per month or

$95.00 for one year (Save $24.88!)

$180 for two years (Save $59.76)

Child and View Only Membership
Each child is given access to a child membership which is FREE of charge.
View Only membership allows member to see and navigate your account but does not allow them to edit or submit information.  This membership is ideal for grandparents and extended family members. Membership includes access to:

View the Shared Family Calendar

Receive notifications and reminders


Professional Membership
The professional membership gives you the ability to create accounts for your clients, manage a client database, store important client documents online (decrees, visitation schedules and court orders), communicate with your clients and more.

There is no charge for Professional Members